Coronavirus Private Aid Program 2020

The current uncertainty offers little cause for laughter. You, your families and your friends may have already been affected by the covid-19 pandemic. You may be facing health or personal issues, you may have lost your job or your income source. Or you know someone who does.

If you are in any other kind of urgent and difficult situation where government funding cannot help you, we would like to hear from you.

Many thanks

for your kind support in these difficult times. Thank you for not leaving me and many other people alone in this predicament.

Thank you very much

for your generosity. Such things cannot be taken for granted.

Thanks to you and the Fritz Kaiser Group

for this wonderful initiative!

From the bottom of my heart

I thank you in the name of my family for the support we have received. We would like to thank you for your support during this difficult time and especially for the quick and uncomplicated procedure. It is not self-evident to receive help on a private level; you have your heart in the right place. THANK YOU!

I am still very touched

and overwhelmed by your support. This has also shown me that I should not give up – somewhere another door opens.


In times of Corona

The Corona pandemic has taken us all by surprise. Emergency programs have been enacted and the state has aid programs for many – but not for all. Rooted in Liechtenstein for generations, the values of entrepreneur Fritz Kaiser and his family include the responsible action for their social environment, their employees and partners. This is why we created the SMILE Private Aid Program in these uncertain times.

With the SMILE Private Aid Program, we are making up to 1 million Swiss francs available for Families in Liechtenstein who are financially affected by the Corona crisis and who are not helped by a state rescue fund. The same applies to families in other countries of the world, who are in a similar situation and who in contact with the Kaiser family or their companies.


Private financial help
for families in need and self-employed



Are you struggling to provide yourself and your family with (healthy) food? Please reach out.


Do you have personal or family issues exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis such as elder isolation or other forms of exclusion or misfortune? Let us know.


Are you having difficulties paying the rent for your home because of the corona pandemic? Please get in touch.


Do you need financial assistance due to health issues or healthcare expenses? We are here to help.


As a self-employed professional, entrepreneur or micro-SME you are facing no income situations, or your jobs are at risk? Please contact us.

Please note that our assistance will be limited to a certain, immediate time frame and that we will not be able to provide medical, tax, legal or any other advice that requires specific knowledge.


The private aid program SMILE was created
to help you in case:

You are no longer able to live your life in dignity and healthy conditions as before the pandemic.

You are one of the small businesses that contribute so significantly to our local ecosystems and your future is now at risk.

You are a freelancer or a young person who needs support.


We would like to hear from you

If you feel you are in such a precarious situation and you do not receive any help from state funds, please fill in the application form below. In case you do not have sufficient computer knowledge, and only in this case, please call us at +423 375 70 70 (Monday to Friday 9AM – 5PM). We will assess your situation and get back to you as soon as we can. While we aim to support as many people as possible, our resources are limited and therefore it may be possible that we may not be able to conform to all requests.

Certainly, all your personal information will be kept private, confidential and secure throughout the process.

Please read more in our Privacy Policy.


We are SMILE

The private aid program SMILE is an initiative of the family of Fritz & Birgit Kaiser
with the support of the Fritz Kaiser Group.